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Zhuhai S.E.Z. Hongta Renheng Paper Co., Ltd., a company possessing both modern machinery and latest technology, is a large-sized modern paper-making enterprise jointly invested and established in 1991 by Yunnan Hongta Group Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Yunnan Hongta Group, and Yanlord Industrial PTE Ltd. registered in Singapore.

The total investment of the company amounts to 2 billion RMB Yuan of which 98 million US dollars is registered capital. The companywhich covers an area of 340 thousand square meters, has two production lines up to now: BM1 which an annual design capacity of 45,000 tons was started up in December of 1994 and BM2, with an annual design capacity of 175,000 tons, was put into operation in December of 1999. The main equipment was introduced from Finland, Austria, Germany, etc..



The leading product of the company is high-grade “Hongta” brand coated cardboard (FBB and SBS series: reeled board, sheeted board, inner frame board for cigarette packs, antibiotic coated cardboard, base board for liquid packaging board and anti-falsification coated cardboard with unique safety marking, , etc., with basis weights ranging from 170 to 400 g/m2) which is produced from imported wood pulp and chemical raw materials. Internationally advanced technologies such as three-fourdrinier formation, three-stage pressing, four-times coating, double-roll soft calendaring and electric IR drying are applied to the multi-fourdrinier board machines and the whole production process adopts QCS and DCS systems for process technology and quality control so that the quality of the product is effectively ensured. The product filled in the gap in the papermaking field of China and its quality has reached current international advanced level according to the assessment of the experts in the field of light industries and the customers in 1996, and the product of the company was listed as one of the new products of state level. In 1997, the company smoothly passed the certification of ISO9002 International Quality System and was awarded the Special Prize for the Outstanding Contribution to the Scientific and Technological Progress of Zhuhai. The company gained the First Prize for the Promotion of Science and Technology Progress in the Light Industries of China in 1998 and was awarded in 1999 the First Prize for the Promotion of National Sciences and Technologies Progress, the supreme prize for the field of sciences and technologies of China. In 2000, the Anti-falsification Coated Cardboard with Colored Fibers, the patented product of the company, was awarded the First Prize for the Promotion of the Scientific and Technological Progress of Zhuhai. In 2005, the brand “HT” was identified as a Famous Brand of Guangdong Province and the company was appraised as One of the Top 100 Enterprises of Guangdong Province and awarded the honoured titles such as AAA Enterprise of China in terms of Quality and Faith and One of the Top 10 Influential Brands in Chinese Paper Industry granted by China Quality and Prestige Appraisal Center. In 2006, the project Anti-falsification Coated Cardboard with Unique Safety Marking gained the First Prize of Xingda Scientific and Technological Achievements granted by Papermaking Association of Guangdong Province. In the June of 2007, the company was awarded the titles of “One of the Top 100 Enterprises of Guangdong Province in 2007” and “One of the Top 100 Enterprises in Service Industry of Guangdong in 2007”


The production and management of the company has been in a sound state since it was put into production and it has been standing at the top in the list of the paper making industry of China in terms of major economic and technical indices. The production volume and output value of the company were stably increased annually, from the production volume of 23,000 tons and output value of 200 million RMB Yuan in 1995 up to 235,000 tons and 1.6 billion RMB Yuan respectively. The products of the company, which have been widely used in the fields such as tobacco, medicine, food, cosmetics and daily necessities, have successfully substituted for the importation of the same kind. The “Hongta” brand high-grade coated cardboard has, with its good product quality and reputation and the company’s good service as well, gained unanimous favourable comment from customers. In 2006, the company invested 160 million RMB Yuan in the technical innovation of BM2 to further improve its product quality and increase its production capacity. The product quality has been further optimized and the production capacity of the company has already been increased up to 300,000 tons, and the competitiveness of the products in market has thus been further consolidated and enhanced.  

In November of 2006, the company passed the certification of management system in terms of quality, environment, professional health & safety as well as food safety and was granted the certificate. The company is the first enterprise in China that passed the certification of Food Safety Management System ISO22000:2005 in the light of the requirements of the system. The company, based on the attitude of top responsibility to consumers, had the food safety management system established as soon as the standard ISO22000:2005 was publicized so as to elevate the level of the company to control the hygiene safety in the production of coated cardboard for tobacco packaging and food packaging and baseboard for liquid packaging and to ensure that customers can be supplied with sustainably stable accept products.   


It has always been the firm belief and pursuit of Hongta Renheng to participate in competitions at high starting point, high standard and high level, which means to master the first-rate technology of the world, produce the first-rate products of the world and build the first-rate enterprise of the world.




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