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Formed after the reorganization of yunxi Tobacco Factory in 1995.Yuxi Hongta Tobacco (Group) Co. Ltd. is a large-scale corporation with tobacco processing being its main business while being involved in many other diversified operations. Through the purchasing of shares, controlling stocks and other fiscal means, it is now actively involved in many industries, including but not limited to energy sources, communication, light industry, chemical industry, medicine, electromechanical industry, building materials, tourism, hi-new technologies, and finance.

The original Yuxi Tobacco Factory, from which it came into being, was established in 1956.After the promulgation of the China-s reforms and opening-up policy it was one of the few enterprises to initiate the salary calculating system by connecting sales directly with earnings, thus motivating the employees to enthusiastically step up production. In addition, it took the lead in adopting advanced international technology, and reformed the factory's production on a new scientific and technological footing.

At the same time, it opened new channels for fanners to supplement their incomes by offering them employment, establishing the development mode for "company + farmers", which built a production base for the fine-quality raw materials. The overall strength of the company was greatly upgraded through the implementation of the related reform policies. It soon became the nation's N0.1 tobacco industry.

In the year 1995,it became incorporated into a company according to "Company Law", and became a financially viable large-scaled enterprise giant with trans-industrial and trans-regional operations. All the cigarette production processes were upgraded to be highly efficient, continuous and automated which included computerized system management. Its cigarette brands, including but not limited to "Hongtashan", "Yuxi", "Ashima" and "Hongmei", were credited at provincial-level or ministry-level as 'excellent products' many times.

Of all the products, the cigarette bearing the "Hongtashan" brand was granted the national gold medal, and the trademark was recognized by the National Administration for Industry and Commerce as a "Famous Trade Mark in China". In the report of Beijing Famous Trade Mark Assets Evaluation Co., Ltd., the "Hongtashan" brand has increased its value to some 43.9 billion Yuan, and has stayed at N0.1 in the league of National Famous brands six years continuously.

The group has made outstanding achievements in the construction of both 'material civilization' and 'spiritual civilization'. It was awarded the honorable title of "Enterprise with Remarkable Economic Benefits" for many continuous years by the Yunnan Provincial Government and the State Tobacco Monopoly Bureau. In the Year 1991, it was promoted to being a National Grade One Enterprise. In the year 1993, it won the National Excellent Enterprise Management (Golden Horse)Prize. In July 1999, it passed the ISO9002, the highest global quality assurance authentication.

In order to meet with international competition after China becomes a part of WTO, the group has strengthened its efforts in the fields of scientific and technological innovation, and invested 300 million Yuan in building a Technology Center, which has been designated as a national level technology center. At present, it employs more than 100 staff members, including professional personnel with doctorate and master degrees. With seven subordinated science research institutes, engaging in the fields of Raw Materials. Physiological Biochemistry, Product Development, Process Research and Tobacco Chemistry. It has multi-functional pilot production lines that can emulate mass production working conditions, and high precision tobacco analysis and detection instruments. All these have laid a solid foundation for more advanced R&D of products, and improved the scientific and technological level of the tobacco trade nationwide building up the Enterprise's capacity to compete internationally.

With a view to be adaptive to the market changes and consumers' needs, the group will further adjust its product structure, strengthen marketing efforts, and develop its refined products. Presently, the tar content in all brands of cigarette products is below 15mg, achieving the tar-reduction standard issued by the State Tobacco Monopoly Bureau two years ahead of schedule. Consequently, the group has developed new products such as "Hongtashan"(12mg Golden Pack 2000),"Yuxi"(11mg Golden Pack), "Gonghexinxi (Happy New Year)"(Hard pack), "Hongmei"(Hard Pack) to the market. In 2000,even though the market situation of tobacco was very weak, the group still sold 203 cases of cigarettes, and realized 16.1 billion Yuan of taxes and profits. Non-tobacco diversified operations have also been fruitful. By the end of the year 2000 the accumulated investments had reached the figure of l2.8 billion Yuan. This includes 74 investment projects, in which 48 have been put into production, and realized 7.01 billion Yuan of sales revenue. The group has spiritually, organizationally and technically prepared for china's entry into WTO. It will actively participate in international competition, merging with the global economic tides, and try to become one of the 500 World Top Companies in near future.

Address: Phoenix Road, Yuxi, Yunnan, China(653100)
Chairman of the Board: Mr. Liu Wandong
Tel.: + 86-877-2968395
Fax: +86-877-2968732 
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