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Introduction of the current situation in the application of the coated cardboard: The coated cardboard produced by the company is one kind of high-grade packaging material that is completely made from virgin wood pulp which fully degrades under natural conditions. The products therefore are environmentally friendly. In addition, due to the special surface coating that enhances color and dot gain, the products completely meet the requirements of today's modern printing industry and are widely used in various high-grade packaging fields. Through introduction and absorption of foreign advanced production technology and equipment, HTRH has succeeded in shifting the Hongta-brand high-grade coated cardboard to the advanced international level in the respect of some indices and the gap from international famous brands is narrowed so the product can fully substitute imported cardboard.

Before the national standard for coated cardboard was formulated, the company had worked out and begun the implementation of the Standard of the Products of Hongta Renheng Paper Co., Ltd. in which some inspection indices and property requirements had reached or even surpassed those of the first-rate products which are well-known all over the world. The company revised the enterprise standard after the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of the People¡¯s Republic of China and the Standardization Administration of People¡¯s Republic of China jointly publicized the national standard GB T 10335.3-2004 Coated Paper and Paperboard; Coated Cardboard. The current enterprise standard of the company in force is Q/HR 1-2007 (was put into effect on 2007-03-05) and the number of the file with Zhuhai Municipal Bureau for Technological Supervision is QB/440400 85 97-2007.

The high-grade coated cardboard produced by HTRH not only has been accepted by many domestic customers but also has imposed great influence in the field of paper and board industry over the world.


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