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Quality Control System

Since the establishment of the quality control system in the September of 1997 and the passing of  its certification, the company makes strict demands on all the staff all along in accordance with the quality policy, the quality goal as well as the promises and carries on unceasing improvements in the processes, the system, the products and the service by all means so as to ensure sustained improvements of the product quality and the satisfaction degree of customers and to establish a sound situation of multi-side wins among the company, customers, suppliers and distributors, etc..

Quality Policy

First-rate Management and Quality; Customers and Prestige Above All

Quality Goal

Maintain high-efficiency management, be bold in making innovations, unceasingly improve product quality and always retain the international advanced level (the reference values are the physical indices of AA-brand coated cardboard).
Run the company with benevolence and faith, be persevering, make every effort to satisfy customers' needs and keep customers' satisfaction degree above 90%.


1.Unflaggingly work with perseverance, constantly strive for perfection and ensure the best product with the best working quality.
2. Participating in competition at high starting point and maintaining high working efficiency and high product quality are the firm and unshakable convictions of the company.
3. Carry out technology innovations and put into effect scientific management so as to keep the products of the company taking the lead on the domestic market.
4. Advance with the times, establish the "Hongta" brand, and press onward into the international market.


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