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All high-grade coated cardboard required in the domestic market used to need importing. The main products imported were well-known brand products such as "AA" and "Westvaco". These mills had enjoyed a long history of production with high level of production technology and equipment and their products had enjoyed high reputation both at home and abroad. It was clearly realized that the product quality would be the key point for customers' acceptance of the high-grade coated cardboard produced by the company. The company, aiming at the international first-rate level of the products of the same category from the very beginning, under the condition that there was a lack in both technology and experience in China, kept on exploration and research, combined locally made equipment with imported key equipment and tackled more than one hundred difficult technical problems by means of digestion and assimilation of imported technologies thus a complete set of production process and technology came into being. Only one and a half years later, the production and technology level of the company reached the 1990's international advanced level and the company obtained two Chinese patents, having made a record in the construction speed of paper mills and having been highly thought of in the same industry both at home and abroad. At the Achievement Assessment Meeting organized by the State Light Industry Federation of China in 1996, after checking and testing of the Pulp and Paper Making Research Institute of China and after viewing the experts' monitoring on the site and soliciting comments from users, the participants came to a conclusion unanimously that the high-grade coated cardboard produced by Zhuhai Hongta Renheng Paper Co,. Ltd. had filled in the gap in the papermaking field of China and its quality had reached the 90's international advanced level.


HTRH has been devoted to the production of the first-rate coated cardboard and through importation and assimilation of international advanced equipment and technology, HTRH succeeded in making the coated board produced locally reach the 90's international advanced level very rapidly, thus having narrowed the gap with that of the products in the international market.


In July of 2006 and March of 2007, the company made a total investment of 160 million RMB Yuan in the technical innovation of the production lines, during which a metal belt calender that is the first in Asia and the second in the world was imported. Upon the completion of the technical innovation, the quality of products is greatly enhanced from leading domestic level to advanced international level and the total production capacity of the company has also been increased from 230,000 tons up to 300,000 tons.  

Hongta Renheng is in the firm belief and pursuit of participating in competitions at high starting point, high standard and high level, which means to master the first-rate technology of the world, produce the first-rate products of the world and build the first-rate enterprise of the world.


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