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Hongta Renheng Paper Co., Ltd.
has some 906 employees, 35.8% of whom are scientific and technical personnel of special expertise with the educational background of postgraduates in addition to polytechnic schools, universities and colleges. The company set up Technology Department, a specialized department in charge of technological processes and scientific and research work, and the department owns 8 master postgraduates and 10 technological engineers who graduated from universities or colleges and are fully involved in the optimization of production process technology, the development of new products and technical services as well. 

The company also invested much capital in putting up an R&D building, which contains Pulping Laboratory, Coating Laboratory, Chemical Analyzing Laboratory, Biochemical Laboratory, ISO Constant Temperature and Moisture Testing Center and R&D Office. A large batch of complete variety of laboratory equipment and testing instruments with advanced technology were imported, the main purpose being to serve for the production of the company and to provide the best laboratory and research conditions and environments for product testing and new product development.

The tremendous technological strength and the advanced laboratory equipment and testing instruments can better ensure not only that the quality of our products is kept up to advanced international standards but also that new products are ceaselessly developed to meet the unceasingly increasing new needs of the market and our clients are offered the most satisfactory professional technical services.

With the development of commodity economy, the market was glutted with imitated and poor-quality products in recent years, which seriously harmed the interests of both customers and producers. Yunnan Yuxi Cigarette Factory created many famous brands and became the object of lawbreakers for colossal profits. To protect good product reputation and vital benefits of Yuxi Cigarette Factory, the company adopted new technology according to the requirements of the factory and added anti-falsification marks in the products for Yuxi Cigarette Factory. Through over half a year of repeated experiments, the technology proved to be successful and obtained the patent for it. All the anti-falsification board the company produces is used by Yuxi Cigarette Factory.

Appearance of imitated and poor-quality products particularly imitated and poor-quality pharmaceuticals damages the benefit of consumers, does great harm to the health of human beings and even endangers lives. The company considered using anti-falsification technologies in packaging paperboard which can not be imitated easily due to the reasons concerning equipment and technologies so as to keep down the spreading of imitated and poor-quality products from their sources.


Liquid packaging base board, which has been utilized in foreign countries for about 40 years, is one kind of safe and environmentally friendly packing materials which is widely used for the packaging of liquid food such as milk and beverage. Most of the liquid packaging board in the domestic market is imported at relatively high prices. Facing stronger and stronger competitions of the market, Hongta Renheng seized the opportunity and successfully developed the liquid packaging base board which has been put into steady batch production and is highly thought of by the market.  


With the constant improvement of people¡¯s living standards and the strengthening of people¡¯s sense to health and health care, products with antibiotic functions are becoming more and more popular. However, the domestic market of antibiotic coated white cardboard is now still a blank. In order to find new highlights for the products of the company and to better serve the customers of the company, the technical personnel of the company are undergoing the development of antibiotic coated white cardboard. 

The new products developed by the company in recent years include:
(1) Coated (anti-fungicide) cardboard with white back (special for the packaging of scented soap, etc.)
(2) High-grade SBS coated cardboard (low brightness, high brightness and ultra-high brightness)
(3) SBS coated anti-falsification cardboard with fluorescent fibers
(4) Silver Crown brand SBS (C1S) coated cardboard with ultra-high brightness
(5) SBS anti-falsification coated cardboard with fluorescent dots                                           (6) liquid packaging base board

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