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l         In October of 1995, the 230g/m2 high-grade coated white cardboard produced by the company won the gold prize at the '95 China International Paper Products Expo.


l         In October of 1996, the high-grade coated cardboard was appraised as state level new product of 1996.


l         In December of 1997, the "High-Grade Coated White Cardboard Project won the first prize awarded by China Light Industry General Federation for promotion of sciences and technologies.


l         On October 17th of 1998, the company obtained the invention patent from the state for its anti-falsification coated cardboard and its technology.


l         On February 13th of 1999, the company obtained a patent certificate issued by the state for an applicable and new-pattern structure for packaging of paper rolls.


l         In August of 1999, the "High-Grade Coated Cardboard Project" of the company won the first prize granted by the state for the progress the company had made in technologies.


l         On August 28 of 1999, the anti-falsification coated cardboard produced by the company was appraised as one of the primary new products of Guangdong provincial level.


l         On June 29th of 2000, the "Anti-falsification Coated Cardboard with Colored Fibers Project" won the first prize for promotion of progresses in sciences and technologies of Zhuhai in 1999.


l         In January of 2001, the Anti-falsification Coated Cardboard with Colored Fibers, the patented product of the company, was awarded the Third Prize for the Promotion of the Scientific and Technological Progress of Guangdong Province.


l         On July 5th of 2002, the Hongta brand high-grade packaging board produced by the company was appraised by the Association of Quality Certification & Standard of China as the Good Product of Trustable Quality Certified by State Authoritative Institutions.


l      "Hongta" Brand High-grade Coated Cardboard was appraised as "One of the Ten Top      

       Influential Brands in Chinese Paper Industry in 2004" by over 20 authoritative websites

       such as People, Xinhua  and Sohu.


l  In February 0f 2005, "Hongta" Brand High-grade Coated Cardboard was granted the title of 

       "All-round Product with Doubled Guarantee in Quality, Service and Prestige" by China 

       Product Quality and Prestige Web.


l  In December of 2006, the Anti-falsification Coated Cardboard with Unique Safety Marking   

       gained the First Prize of Xingda Scientific and Technological Achievements granted

       by Papermaking Association of Guangdong Province.


In September of 2007, high-grade coated cardboard Hongta Renheng produces is judged   

      One of the Famous-Brand Products of Guangdong Province in 2007.





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