Hongta Renheng smoothly passed the certification of FSC/COC


Hongta Renheng smoothly passed the certification of FSC/COC

2007-11-30Hongta Renheng    Through nearly one-year effort and after the pre-certification commencing from August 9th and the official auditing on October 29th, Zhuhai Hongta Renheng was announced on October 30th of 2007 to have smoothly passed the on-site certification conducted by the Certification Group of International Certification Service Department of SGS for the FSC/COC Management System of Hongta Renheng.  

The certification covers the total scope of the company¡¯s products including coated cardboard with white back (FBB & SBB) and liquid packaging board and the whole process from raw material procurement, production and storage to sale. The establishment of FSC/COC Management System and the successful passing of the certification conducted by SGS which is one of the most world-known certification firms can greatly enhance the management level of the company and the competitiveness of its products and also indicate that the Green Pass for the products of the company to enter European and American markets has been obtained. This also reflects the strong sense of the company for social responsibilities in attaching great importance to environmental protection and integrated harmonization of economy, society and ecology.


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