Product Name: Ultra-high Whiteness SBS(One Side Coated) Card Board

Highest Grade Cardboard       Nobleness Fully Displayed

Silver Crown Brand SBS White Cardboard with Ultra-high Whiteness (C1S) is one of the new products developed by HTRH in 2004. Produced with fully bleached kraft pulp that is specially treated and by means of special coating process, it is featured by:

l         Extremely high visual whiteness

l         Extremely high gloss (through special brushing treatment)

l         Smooth and fine surface that can reproduce exquisite images perfectly

l         Ultra-Flexibility ensuring excellent packaging effect

l         No odour, ideal choice for high-grade packaging


Silver Crown White Cardboard may be rated as the highest grade in cardboard and it is the best choice for you to demonstrate and promote the grade of your products!


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