Product Name: SBS Fluorescentfibre Lamination-Antifalsification Cardboard


Briefing on the Product

This kind of products shows no difference from ordinary SBS or FBB in normal

light source. Under a fluorescent lamp, however, one kind or two different kinds of

coloured fibers can be seen in the backside of board and the fibers are also

visible indistinctly in the topside. The product is mainly applicable to the

production of cigarette packaging and all the properties of the product can satisfy

the requirements of the board for cigarette packaging.


Ensured Supply

SBS Coated Anti-falsification Cardboard with Recessive Fluorescent Fibers has been put into commercial production and can be produced in a large scale, thus timely and adequate supply of the product for offset printing, gravure printing, flexo printing, lamination and transferring processing can be fully ensured.  


Evaluation of Price Performance

l         According to the experiences in the application of the product by Yuxi Hongta Group, anti-falsification packaging board can completely control fake cigarette products. No fake cigarette product that imitates the famous cigarette brands such as Hongtashan with anti-falsification cardboard (FBB and SBS) has been found.

l         It is the authorized patent of our company to add anti-falsification coloured fibers into the coated cardboard and no other cardboard producer in China is entitled to produce the same kind of products. 

l         The application of anti-falsification technologies in coated cardboard has long lasting effect and this has demonstrated by the use of anti-falsification coated cardboard by the very well-known cigarette brands such as Hongtashan.


Market Prospects

Anti-falsification by means of paperboard is featured by low cost, long lasting effect and difficult imitation. Significant effect of the coated anti-falsification cardboard has been obtained in giant cigarette producers such as Yuxi Hongta Group and Guiyang Cigarette Factory. Hongta Renheng has mastered ripe technologies and a perfect management mode for the production of various kinds of coated anti-falsification cardboard. It is believed that the coated anti- falsification cardboard Hongta Renheng produces will play the key role in the expanding of product sales and the prevention of fake products for the whole cigarette industry of China.


The coated anti-falsification cardboard with recessive fluorescent fibers is one sort of products which can protect cigarette factories and consumers very effectively by means of anti-falsification at the source of fake goods production and it therefore has broad market prospects and long-term social benefits.


The Features of SBS Coated Anti-falsification Cardboard with Recessive Fluorescent Fibers 

The visual effect of the board produced by HTRH is very close to that of imported SBS grades. It also has excellent scottbond and the processing effect after die cutting is good. Furthermore, the product possesses proper stiffness, thus the visual effect of finished boxes is good.

The product is particularly suitable for the production of transferring cardboard.

It has fine limpness and ink-break-resistance thus can fully satisfy the special requirements of gild-laminate cardboard.

The product has fine surface smoothness and it can fully meet the strict requirements for lamination processing.


The Differences between SBS Coated Anti-falsification Cardboard with Recessive Fluorescent Fibers and Fluorescent Anti-falsification Paper or Board by Imitation Using Ordinary Printing Methods


The process of printing fluorescent inks with two different colours in the backside is complicated and the cost is high; in addition, the fluorescent brightness is so low that it is rather difficult to have the effect of real goods.


As the fluorescent fibers are filled in pulp and they can be picked out with a needle and they can be easily distinguished from the fibers which are impressed or printed into the board surface.


The fluorescent fibers, which are distributed in the pulp, have gradation of colours.


The fluorescent fibers are visible indistinctly in the top side.


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